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Sizzling Hot on Gametwist

The Sizzling Hot is an undisputed classic among slot machines. This game is well known to both players who have been playing for money in online casinos and brick-and-mortar establishments for years, as well as to Internet users who take their first steps in online gambling.

This means that Sizzling Hot games – we write “games” instead of “game” because you will soon find out that there are several online slots under this banner – they are timeless. Simple to the limit rules and dynamic gameplay are their main advantages. Under each title, you will also see our private rating of each game. We are curious if you can agree with us on the best game.

So, what variations of this game the online casino Gametwist offers us?

Sizzling Hot™ Deluxe

Our rating:

The most classic of all Sizzling Hot games, because in this form more or less the game could be found on stationary slot machines many years ago. The machine hit the online market in 2007. The game is equipped with fruit symbols, a scatter (star) and seven. The highest possible hand on the payline is “77777”. However, the winnings start with the double cherry symbol.

An additional feature is the Gamble mode (it works as described above). It is an attempt to duplicate the last win in a 50:50 game of chance. Sometimes it’s a pity to risk, but it can be very profitable! Besides, I guess it’s all about risk-taking emotions, right?

Highroller Sizzling Hot™ Deluxe

Our rating:

Highroller version of previously mentioned Sizzling Hot™ Deluxe allows for a significant increase in rates, regardless of the current level. For all players, the stakes here are the same – starting at 20 million and reaching as much as 400 million Twists. Bigger stakes also mean bigger wins, hitting five sevens you can win up to 400 billion Twists. Can you imagine using at least half of this winnings? It is certainly quite a challenge! That’s why this is the best game in our opinion – classic combined with the highest winnings!

Sizzling Hot ™ Quattro

Our rating:

This is an extended version of Sizzling Hot, in which you use four panels at the same time. So the game is played simultaneously on four screens with the same slot. Of course, the results differ in each window! So this game is basically Sizzling Hot Deluxe – the excitement is just rampant! So you also have fruits, sevens and 5-reels and 5-line machines (but since we have x4, the total number of paylines is 20).

Sizzling Hot™ 6 extra gold

Our rating:

Another interesting version of Sizzling Hot. It is attracting gamers by the ability to convert a 5-reel slot into a 6-reel slot by activating the Extra Bet feature. The gameplay itself does not differ from the Sizzling Hot Deluxe – it is also a game with fruits and sevens, but it gives you the chance to win exceptionally high on the “hidden” extra drum.

Highroller Sizzling Hot™ 6 extra gold

Our rating:

This version allows max bet 400 millions of Twists. As many players say – more risk is more fun. The winnings in this game can surprise you a lot!

Sizzling Hot™ Deluxe 10: Win Ways

Our rating:

Another interesting version of Sizzling Hot. It is distinguished by the fact that instead of 5 standard lines we have 10 of them. Hitting the jackpot here, i.e. all lines consisting of 7s, is definitely more difficult than in the standard version, but also much more satisfying.

Thunder Cash™ - Sizzling Hot™

Our rating:

Sizzling Hot™ enriched with Thunder Cash™, turning up the temperature of a classic slot even more with dazzling lightning strikes, flames, thunder and more. This is certainly another addition to the popular title that is worth checking out.

Jackpots of Legends - Sizzling Hot™ Deluxe

Our rating:

If you like playing for big jackpots then this game is for you. This version of the game offers the biggest jackpot of all. While it is not easy to win, it is surely a few trillion Twists that many gametwist players dream of. Collecting the grand prize will surely leave you with Twists forever (unless you are a hardcore gamer like us 🙂 ).