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You can use your free bonus to play Rummy online!

In the gametwist casino, the competition for Twists will add emotions, where the winner takes the entire pot. Rummy can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players. On the gametwist you can meet thousands of players online at any time, so there will always be someone to share with you.

In a traditional rummy game, each player is dealt 13 cards (the dealer is dealt 14 cards). The game also includes Jokers, which are used interchangeably as any cards.

The goal of rummy games is to get rid of all your cards. This can be done in one move by flipping all the cards or gradually by flipping some of them. It is also important to throw the last card onto the so-called “stack”.

The most important rule with Rummy: Be quicker than your opponent when laying cards! This popular game is based on the Mexican game Conquian in which cards are laid to form combinations. It is one of the most famous variants of the Rummy family.
The aim is to collect valid combinations of cards in your hand and lay (“meld”) them. But you only win if you are faster than your opponent, or opponents. If your opponent has laid all his cards and you still have some left, you lose because you got penalty points.
The player with the lowest penalty point score is the winner. This online game is determined not only by luck, but also by your personal skill and cleverness while playing.
Rummy online has a limit of up to four players. You can play with someone 1v1 or with several people at the same time. You decide how many Twists you want to play.