Gametwist Bonus - How to get gratis Twists?

On this page you will find a guide to all the bonuses you can get for free on Gametwist. You can get up to millions of free coins! Certainly there are many opportunities to get free Twists. So let’s take a look at all of them! Amount of free coins depends on the level you have achieved on your account. For the sake of clarity, we have provided the values of the bonuses on every 100 levels. Are you curious how many Twists you can get from a time bonus on the lvl as high as 500 lvl? Let’s check it below!

Gametwist Gratis Twists.
Bonuses according to the level.

Wheel of Fortune

8,400 - 27,300

Time Bonus

7,000 Twists

Wheel of Fortune

144,000 - 468,000

Time Bonus

120,000 Twists

Wheel of Fortune

576,000 - 1,872,000

Time Bonus

480,000 Twists

Wheel of Fortune

1,440,000 - 3,900,000

Time Bonus

1,200,000 Twists

Wheel of Fortune

2,880,000 - 7,800,000

Time Bonus

2,400,000 Twists

Wheel of Fortune

4,320,000 - 11,700,000

Time Bonus

3,600,000 Twists

Twist Level Bonus

Every time you reach a new level, you will receive free Twists as a gratis reward from Gametwist. Obviously, the higher the level you reach, the higher the bonus value will be. Additionally when you increase your account level, your max bet also goes up, allowing you to increase your winnings! 

Daily bonus - Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a bonus that can be collected once a day. Generally this bonus appears the first time you log in gametwist during the day. It always renews at midnight. It means that if you like late at night sometimes, there is a chance that it will appear when you need it most. This bonus is not permanent, you have to “spin” the wheel each time to find out how many Twists you have won.

Time bonus - gratis Twists every 2 hours

In a word this bonus will probably keep you from complaining about the lack of points for a long time. This is because it recovers every 2 hours. In effect you can use it up to 12 times every day! You can collect it by clicking on the bottom of gametwist site. After that the caption “Collect Bonus” will change to the countdown till it will renew.


This is not the end of the bonuses given out for free! Gametwist also organizes many competitions in which you can win a wide variety of prizes. There are many interesting challenges and competitions.

Challenges are the special activity you can do on Gametwist to increase your winnings. By winning on specific games you can get another bonus, you can top your winnings with big milestone rewards by going all the way!

To read more about To find out more about the challenges, as well as what games are currently taking part in them, please visit the gametwist website:

Bonus for registration

The first bonus you can get is the registration bonus. It is not big, but at least you can start the game with it and check the operation of various games. 

For registration you will get 30,000 free Twists and 15 Free Spins to play on one of the most popular Slots games – Book Of Ra Deluxe. 

What's more?

In summary, there are many possibilities to get bonuses at Gametwist. If the bonuses listed above are still not enough for you, you can’t win competitions or your level does not provide you with sufficient bonuses don’t worry – we have something special for you!

All our readers are the first to have the opportunity to test our latest software that provides you even more bonuses – millions or even billions of free Twists!