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Belote is one of the most popular card games in Europe, suitable for both professional competition and play with the family. On Gametwist casino we will of course compete with other players to win coins called “Twists”. Plenty of players sign up on Gametwist just to play Belote, so you certainly won’t complain about the lack of people willing to play with you at any time.

The popularity of this game is so great that the phrase rebelote has entered the language. When a player has a king  and a queen of the same trump color in his hand, placing one of these cards on the table says belote, and then placing the other on the table says rebelote. In common language the French use this term when they want to indicate that something is happening a second time.

Gametwist Belote

How to play Belote on Gametwist?

On Gametwist you can play both the classic Belote (with or without advertisements), as well as its variation called Contrée. 

This game is played with 4 players who are divided into 2 teams of two players. It is a contract game, in the sense that one of the two teams undertakes to score more points than the opponent, and the defeat is penalized.

Every variant of Belote has a few basic rules:

The demanded color must be played during the same round.

– If you cannot play demanded color, you must play a trump, unless your partner has played a stronger card.

– After playing a triumph, you have to play an even stronger trump.

– The player with the last move scores 10 points.

– In all Belote games, points are counted according to the card and whether it is a trump.

You can learn the whole rules about this game on Wikipedia.

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