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In this game, 2 players play against each other and the winner takes all Twists, that were bet. 

The object of the game is to place all the pieces in your base and pull them off. The first player to do so wins.

The game uses a board consisting of four parts with six oblong triangles of opposite colors marked on them, referred to as 24 fields. Each player receives 15 single-color pieces (black and white in standard mode). The fields with numbers 1-6 are called the base of the player playing white pawns, and the fields with numbers 19-24 are called the base of the player playing black pawns. A crossbar runs through the center of the board, also known as a band, on which the pieces captured during the game will be placed. The players move on the board in opposite directions, i.e. the player with white pawns moves from field 24 towards field 1, and the player with black pawns, vice versa.

Two dice are used for the game. The players move their pawns by the sum of the scored pips on the dice. A move can be made with one pawn by the sum of the pips thrown by both dice, and it can also be divided into any two pawns.

How to play on Backgammon?

The moved pawn can only be placed on:

– a free field, not occupied by any of the pawns,

– the field on which there are other pieces of the performing move,

– the field occupied by one opponent’s pawn (then his pawn is captured).

It is impossible to move to a field with two or more opponent’s pieces. This field is blocked.

The player must make a move according to the eyes rolled on both dice. If he is able to make only one move, the remaining pieces are set so that he cannot move them, he loses the second move. Analogous, if he is blocked from making both moves – he loses his turn.

If somebody rolls a double, i.e. the same number of dice on both dice, has the right to move four times as indicated by the single dice. This means that, for example, throwing two 6s, you can make four moves of six squares.

Whoever turns out to be smarter wins the prize!​

A single pawn standing on the field is called a blot and can be captured by the opponent. When a player’s pawn stands on a field with a single opponent’s pawn, the opponent’s pawn is captured and placed on the crossbar (band).

The opponent, in his first move after capturing a pawn, must first put it back into play. The captured pawn is introduced to the opponent’s base, according to the dice roll (for the player yellow pawns on squares 1 to 6, and for the player green ones – from 19 to 24). Of course, if these fields are blocked by the opponent’s pawns, then the move cannot be made and one should wait for any field in the base to be released or for a dice to be thrown with the number of pips that will allow the pawn to be placed on a free field in this base.

As soon as a player has placed all the pieces in his base, he can start drawing pieces. Pulling also occurs according to the number of meshes thrown on the dice. Only when the number of pips is greater than the possible number of moves with the pawn, the pawn is taken from the field furthest away.

If it happens that a pawn is captured by the opponent during the pull, the continuation of the pull is possible only after introducing this pawn to the base.

The game is won by the player who first draws all his pawns from the board. 

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